More than one

trick up this sleeve

FlapTop Sleeve

for MacBook

ROLE Lead Industrial Designer, Speck Products

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FlapTop Sleeve is a protective case for MacBook, providing secure storage and quick access to your device with an incredibly simple and intuitive open-close experience.

The patented FlapTop closure is placed on an over-center hinge to stay shut when a device is inserted. No magnets or zippers means your device won't auto-powerdown or become scratched.


Military grade drop protection

Impactium Shock Barrier™ provides protection in the form of a lightweight foam perimeter that can absorb the shock of continuous 4-foot drops.



Whiteboards for the win


  • Whiteboards > paper

  • Any given design can be described and understood quickest through cross-section sketches

  • An iconic design should pass the “sharpie test”

Proof is in the prototype


  • How to use a sewing machine

  • Certain foams and fabrics are prone to catching fire and foul smelling fumes when laser cut

  • Spare the pretty looking protos - it’s more important to first vet out functionality with quick and dirty mockups

Fun with foams and fabrics


  • EVA foam is a mind-blowing material - especially when it expands from paper-sized to mattress-sized sheets

  • The difference between lycra, neoprene, and spandex

  • The architecture and construction of this sleeve is essentially that of a shoe - consisting of a foam bumper (sole) and textile panels (upper)

Samples, samples, and more *samples



  • EVA foam tools are (relatively) cheap - so if the budget permits, go wild

  • Tooling and manufacturing limitations for compression molded EVA vs injection molded EVA

  • Professional sample makers are essentially sewing machine wizards

  • Approving parts can take all day - especially when there are designs for various device sizes and multiple colorways

  • The rewarding feeling of signing off on a golden sample

FlapTop Sleeve - Speck Products_Page_5_Image_0002.png

The drop-protecting, water-repelling

laptop sleeve that comes in clutch.


FlapTop Sleeve

by Speck Products

Available in Black/Black and Graphite/Electric Blue

for MacBook Pro with Retina Display, MacBook Air, and MacBook 12".

View on company website here.