My name is Kendall Denike

I am a designer

and creative proponent of enhancing experiences, both tangible and intangible

My specialties include:

  • user experience design

  • industrial design

  • interface + visual design

2018-08-27 07:29:19.593.jpg
  • My many years as an industrial designer in the consumer electronics space required me to understand and solve the problems that humans have while physically interacting with their mobile smart devices.

  • Now, as products are becoming increasingly digital in our world’s rapid technological evolution, UX/UI allows me to understand how users are interfacing with their devices on a screen-based cyber front.

  • I combine my digital-driven UX/UI and physical-driven Industrial Design experiences to provide holistic, intuitive designs that are accessible to users at a mass scale, while always striving to maintain a human-product relationship that is simple, functional, and delightful.



I spent some time in New York and had some fun capturing life in a new city.

Thanks for checking out my portfolio.

Please feel free to reach out at or connect with me on LinkedIn.

See ya!